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Campaign Update 11.9

Our goal for this year’s stewardship campaign is 60 estimates of giving for a total of $140,000. This is an ambitious increase over last year’s campaign results. For this year, 2022, there were 51 estimates of giving made for a total of $129,122. Here’s why the Finance Committee is prayerfully anticipating an increase. COVID took a toll on our organization as it did on every other organization. During that time, we moved to virtual spaces, trying creative ministry ideas and drastically slowing our resource use. We were fortunate to receive two PPP loans from the federal government and have both of them forgiven. However, now that the impact of the pandemic is easing, we have some catch up to do. As we reopen with ministries old and new, we need the financial resources to remain a vital part of this community. Another challenge is that our Permanent Endowment Fund is dependent on the current financial market, which as many of us know, is down this year. We receive a pay out from our endowment each year that supplements our operating expenses. With the market as it is, we are losing revenue from our Permanent Endowment Fund. This year, we will only receive $90,115, as compared to 2022’s distribution of $99,959.

While these are ambitious fundraising numbers, we believe these goals are achievable, considering how many of our members and friends give financially but do not usually make an Estimate of Giving. We encourage all persons to make an estimate of giving and we appeal to those who have not made an estimate of giving in the past to prayerfully consider doing so this year. And, as always, we celebrate that scripture teaches all of us to increase our giving each year to the point where we are tithing, giving 10% of our income to the ministry of the Church. If you/your family have not yet reached the goal of tithing, then we ask you to prayerfully consider increasing your annual giving by at least 1% in the coming year.

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