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Part of the Congregation

Some of you may have wondered about why the choir has been sitting in the front couple of pews for the past two weeks. Since October, we have spent worship time in the choir loft behind the sanctuary. We felt that it was important to be in closer connection with the congregation. One of the primary functions of a choir is to lead the congregation in singing. We questioned whether or not the congregation could even hear the choir back in the choir loft during hymn singing. So, we decided to make a move.

You will notice that we turn around and face the congregation during the hymn singing. Our purpose in doing this is to help you hear us better, especially when singing hymns that are not so familiar to you. I hope that it has been helpful to you.

The other advantage to our seating arrangement is that we don’t have to make a time-consuming walk from the loft to the front steps to sing our anthems. I like to think that this helps with the service flowing a bit more smoothly.

Several of our choir members have shared that they like the new arrangement. We now feel like we are an active part of the congregation during worship, and we look forward to fulfilling our goal of leading you in joyous song.

Peace in Christ,

Steven Burchard

Director of Music

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