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Spiritual Gifts Inventory

This morning in worship, we talked about nurturing growth in the church by learning about our spiritual gifts and where they might best fit in the life and ministry of Grace United Methodist Church. Below are two links based on this morning's topic!

First, you will find a link to the Spiritual Gifts Inventory published online by the United Methodist Discipleship Ministries. Please complete this inventory when you can. It takes about 15-20 minutes. Once you've completed the inventory, scroll down to download "Engaging Spiritual Gifts" and where your spiritual gifts might be needed in a church like Grace.

The second button is short form that lets us know what your inventory results were! We will put you in contact with leaders from areas where you might be likely to now just survive, but grow and thrive as members of this faith community.

Engaging Spiritual Gifts
Download PDF • 89KB

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